Boost Your Business Profits

How ATM Management Software Can Boost Your Business Profits

SMART Software doesn’t just bring service software solutions, we also specialize in premium ATM Management software solutions to further boost your bottom line and help revenue generation and management for your ATM business. Our SMART ATM software solutions are built to help businesses with cash management between the banks and their many terminals in the field.

Get your ATM business set for success with SMART Software.

An easy customer experience is the key to revenue generation and success in the ATM industry. SMART Software helps you find relief in knowing where your cash is at all times and that your ATM terminals are ready to service your customers. Who wants to not have enough cash available in the ATM when they need it? Through the SMART Portal, you get an all-in-one management tool to bring cash management to the forefront of your business and help you better manage your ATM business!


SMART Software offers a Remote Management System for in-field and in-office service updates and schedule changes along with Comprehensive Commission Tracking, adjustable Cash Forecasting and Check Printing. For your employees in the field, SMART Mobile is here to assist. Add SMART Mobile to your employee’s personal devices for real-time access and notifications while on the road, servicing a terminal, or gaining a new customer. Now that’s an ATM Software solution.

SMART ATM management software allows you to simplify the way you run your business.

The more revenue generation your business experiences, the more cash management you need, and our top-of-the-line data analytics can help with cash forecasting and gauging the customer experience and trends. Our Cash Forecasting tools will ensure your ATM terminals are always ready to serve a positive customer experience. With better tracking and less downtime, you are sure to create an easier day for you, your customers, and your employees on the road.


  • 24/7 cash management
  • Enhanced commission structures
  • SMART Merchant Portal
  • SMART Routing
  • Employee accountability for ATM fills
  • Exceptional vault cash forecasting
  • Comprehensive data analytics and reporting
  • Advanced cash reconciliation
  • Ability to attach photos to ATM loads


Work SMART and receive the revenue generation your business deserves through ATM Management Software.

ATM management software brings a wide range of great benefits to your business.

The ATM business is vast with terminals available all across the country. For your business, ATM management software brings sound success and relief in knowing your ATM terminals are ready to serve and provide a great customer experience. ATM Management software provides improved security for peace of mind, better data analytics and reporting to back decisions, and increased revenue generation.


Whether you have a couple of ATMs dispersed locally, or you own a large fleet, SMART’s ATM Software is here to help you work SMART. Contact the SMART Software team to get scheduled for a free demonstration of our ATM Management Solutions and see how it can help boost your business’s profits!

Contact the SMART sales team for your free demonstration today!


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