A solution built for amusement operators.

Let SMART Amusements help you streamline your operations, add personal accountability, and increase your revenue.

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We help you work SMART.

Our amusements service solution provides an innovative way to run your operations more efficiently.

Mobile Collections

Comprehensive Fee Tracking

In-Depth Reporting

SMART Amusements is designed for the purpose of supporting a modern amusement machine route operation.

It captures an unlimited number of fees, adjustments and other activities for any machine, location, or route. Our solutions are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

SMART Mobile Collections
Track, record, and report gaming earnings, taxes, and fees
Automatically carryover fees on collections
Employee accountability for collections
Eliminates human error by providing checks and balances
Unmatched fee capabilities
Customizable collection templates
Collector cash reconciliation
Comprehensive reporting

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