SMART Software Referral Program

SMART Software is pleased to announce its first ever customer referral program.

This is an exciting new offer being brought to all of our existing Amusement, ATM, and service customers. The process is set up to be very simple and the reward is significant for our customers.

Submitting your referral is easy by utilizing our online form on our website or simply emailing All that is needed is a few key details about your business and the business you are referring to. The idea was to keep the process quick with minimum effort needed by both the referring company and the company being referred. After the referred company is on board with SMART Software, the customer who was referred will receive a $500 credit towards their next SMART invoice(s). This credit can roll over depending on the statements issued for the referring SMART customer.

SMART Software is always looking for ways to expand and improve its platform and tools offered for all its customers including ATMs, Amusements, and service providers. Our main focus will remain to provide outstanding customer service so that our partnered companies can continue running their business their way without having to conform to fit a software product.

If you have an amusement, ATM, or route-tracking company you’d like to refer, start the process today!

Start the process today! SMART Software Referral Program FAQs

Who better to refer us new customers than our current customers? If your friend has a business, whether it’s amusement, ATM, or service they can utilize SMART Software – refer them today! We really do appreciate our customers and hope this is a new way we can show that.

Patrick Zuber, Director of SMART

Receive $500 OFF your next SMART invoice for referring a customer to SMART Software!

Referring is easy! Fill out the form or give us a call at: 844-762-7802.

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SMART Software Referral Program FAQs

How do I know if an office I’ve referred has signed up?

If one of your referrals signs up for SMART within 3 months of the referral and goes live with SMART within 6 months of receiving the referral, a SMART Sales Rep will contact you about the referral award.

(Dates are determined by comparing the date the referral was submitted to the date the office signed and went live with SMART.)

What if my monthly fee is less than $500/mo?

No worries, we will apply the referral award towards your monthly SMART invoice until the $500 is used up!

Can I refer anyone?

If they are not a current SMART customer, they can be referred.

Is there a limit to the number of referral awards I can earn?

There is no limit on referral credit awards.

SMART Software reserves the right to revise or modify some or all clauses of this policy.

Receive a $500 credit for each sign-up referral!

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