The Future of Amusements: How SMART Software is Revolutionizing the Industry

Making the Amusements Industry Modern with Innovative Solutions

SMART Software is the proven choice for Amusement Operators looking to modernize their business operations with innovative industry solutions. Operators can now leverage SMART to avoid the costly human errors and miscalculations commonly known to occur with older, more traditional Cash Flow Management methods.  With its integrated “Checks-and-Balances” system, SMART makes it convenient to enter, comprehensive reporting and tracking, and automated alert notifications (e-mail & mobile.) Its ease-of-accessibility and customizable features make SMART a simple decision for any-sized operator who prefers a solution that tailors to their individual needs.

Many of SMART Software’s innovations assist businesses in supervising route collections with Mobile Collections, Comprehensive Fee Tracking, and In-Depth Reporting. Reach your full business potential in the amusement industry by utilizing SMART’s dynamic yet easy-to-use operating system.

SMART’s Innovative Amusement Software Can Transform your Operations

Our unique approach when creating innovations for businesses in the amusement industry, is to truly focus our attention on our customer satisfaction and success in generating more revenue for their business. Our partners in the amusement industry have utilized our innovative platform to make their businesses run more efficiently and competitively. 

As customer behaviors within the amusement industry continue to change, so should the way you run our business operations. With a digital, transformation strategy, SMART Software can better keep up with ever-changing trends and exceed the expectations of your customer base within the amusement industry. Additionally, SMART’s Software innovation features real time notifications on your sales notes, service tickets, compliance and more. This innovative feature specifically encourages employee accountability when out in the field.

Boost your profits and streamline your business with SMART Amusements Innovative features!

  •         Track, record, and report gaming earnings, taxes, and fees.
  •         Automatically carryover fees on collections
  •         Employee accountability for collections
  •         Eliminates human error by providing checks and balances.
  •         Unmatched fee capabilities
  •         Customizable collection templates
  •         Collector Cash reconciliation
  •         Comprehensive reporting
  •         SMART Mobile collections
  •         TouchTunes Integration

SMART’s Software capabilities extend beyond the office and can be modified to fit your business style or operations at any place or time. Start managing your inventory control and assets more efficiently through our easy remote management system that allows you to do everything in real-time on your own devices. It can be difficult for any business in the amusement industry to get all of your fees in on time, but with SMART’s innovative platform, you can finally recapture lost fees, set reminders for the collector, and get your share of the money that you deserve.  

Our innovative platform is a great all-in-one solution that not only solves multilayered revenue splits but is programmed to eliminate human error while running fast and efficiently. With the boost in your profits from SMART Software’s amusement innovation, you’ll be able to get back to the basics in running your business.

With SMART’s innovation, you can not only simplify the way you run your business, but also easily boost your business’s profits and succeed in the amusement industry. Find relief in knowing you have instant and immediate access to all aspects of your business and no more fees will be uncollected through SMART Software.

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