SMART Software is Heading to AMOA On The Road Program

2022 AMOA on the Road Program: Well Connected!

SMART Software will be attending the 2022 AMOA on the Road Program coming up on Thursday, October 27th, and Friday, October 28th in Chicago, IL. This continuing education event is exclusive to members only – opening the doors to amusement industry updates and news.

AMOA was originally known as MOA standing for The Music Operators of America. Originally, their focus was to fight the Jukebox royalty exemption in January of 1948. Now, over 70 years later their focus has expanded among a range of programs and services applying to the entire amusement industry.

AMOA’s Mission today is focused on enhancing, addressing, fostering, representing, developing, and promoting the out of home entertainment industry. They do this through sharing ideas, partnering together to resolve industry challenges, addressing legislative issues, and always seeking out operational and business opportunities for members.

SMART Software is proud to be a 2-Star Game Masters Sponsor with the AMOA the last few years. Our very own Vice President of Sales at SMART Software, Sam Westgate is heavily involved in the AMOA and was the Immediate Past President of the AMOA. We are looking forward to learning more about advances in equipment and to network with our amusement industry peers and customers!

SMART Software and the Amusement Industry

SMART Software’s amusement product is designed for the purpose of supporting the modern amusement machine route operator. Some of our newest features include but are not limited to SMART Mobile, and the ability to oversee and add more control over fees. All our features are to help owners create a simpler way of running their amusement or service business.

With SMART Mobile you can simply manage your amusement team and more from anywhere on your mobile device. Simply run your business while in the office, at home, or on the road. Your team will be able to utilize this new feature as it provides them the capability to complete their work from anywhere throughout their workdays.

Now you and your amusement employees can track sales, operations, and services in real-time from any device anywhere with SMART Mobile. SMART understands that changes are constant throughout the workday and with SMART Mobile you and your employees can stay alert on all updates as they are happening from your mobile devices.

In today’s world fees can get out of hand fast and SMART Software has added new features to help better track those fees for your company. SMART Mobile Collections has recently added the ability to manage 3rd party fees and adjustments all on mobile! SMART for amusements has advanced in adding a warning when a fee override is out of balance during the collection process. With SMART you now have more control in adding fee limits, which allows you to enter a default fee and fee limit for a customer to collect a fee until the fee limit is met.

Gain better control of your amusement business today. Learn more with SMART Software at the AMOA Associate Member Product Showcase on Friday night, October 28th, from 6:30 – 9:30pm. Let our team show you the capabilities and benefits SMART can bring to your amusement business today.

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